Bonus Offer

Where Can we send your books?

Bonus Offer!

Keep the reading fun going with a 2nd book at HALF OFF!

Bonus book "Peanuts: The Beagle has Landed", featuring Snoopy smiling on a bright green cover. 50% off!
Please send the bonus book for just $3.99 – a 50% savings with No Additional Shipping Charges!

That’s right! For just $1 we’ll send your child a laugh-out-loud adventure starring Big Nate – that lovable 6th grader blazing a trail of laughs through P.S. 38.

An open Big Nate graphic novel, showing two pages of the story, each page with 4 full color comic book panels.

It’s a fun-to-read graphic novel!

It’s always a good day to read a graphic novel. That’s because they are the perfect combination of illustrations and text that work together to build comprehension and spark curiosity.

Big Nate drawing a picture

We’re so sure your child will love laughing along with Big Nate that we’ll send a second laugh-out-loud book featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole Peanuts gang!

It’s a fact! When kids love what they read, they read more!

After receiving your Welcome Box from the Big Nate + Friends Book Box program, you’ll receive monthly shipments containing 3 Big Nate + Friends graphic novels starring other incredibly funny friends like Phoebe and Her Unicorn … Wallace the Brave … Peanuts … Breaking Cat News … and more! Each hilarious new adventure is yours to enjoy with your child for $7.99 each, plus $5.99 shipping and handling. There’s no commitment or number of books you must buy. You keep only the ones you want and can cancel at any time!

And just like your first book, these books are guaranteed to keep your child’s funny bone tickled while their love of reading grows!